So when are you going to play some good music? Ha ha

Smart Alec

Know it all

Being a mobile DJ comes with its good and bad points like every profession. People are generally great, you get to play music very loudly with lots of flashy lights and smoke and the best of all you get paid for the privilege.

However, not all is sweetness and light, and there have been some situations where you just wish you had stayed in bed!

Let’s give you our run down of the Top 5 worst reasons to be a mobile DJ

1 – Everyone is a DJ. We have actually done a blog post on this before, where you find someone who professes to be an expert (normally a former DJ) who loves nothing better than to tell you where you are going wrong. This normally coincides with you having a full dancefloor, them asking you why you have not put the Beatles on yet (in the middle of an 80’s set) and them being on their tenth bottle of Budweiser.

2 – Sharing the stage with a ‘precious’ live act. Now let’s get one thing straight we love working with live music acts. However, sometimes you do get the feeling they feel they are actually the second coming of Pink Floyd or some impossible diva! It is fair enough that they ask us to avoid playing any tracks they may sing, that is sensible. But we do have to share the same stage area, and that can be small sometimes.

One particular night we turned up at a gig to set up only to be met by what looked like a crew ready to set up for Wembley Stadium, not a function room in a local golf club. However, we mucked in and managed to get squeezed in behind their set, behind a curtain and with absolutely no view of the dance floor whatsoever!

What made things worse was the band simply tried to mask their musical shortcomings (they were rubbish!) by playing so loudly that most of the audience actually moved to an adjacent room to protect their eardrums.

3 – You are in the middle of a party and you are the only one sober! Have you ever gone to a party late and been the only one not having had a drink? We have that week in and week out!

4 – You have to work on sociable nights. Most parties and weddings are on a Friday or Saturday night. That does mean you miss out on many a fun night out or even watching X Factor or Match of the Day.

5 – Setting up and breaking down. If I was rich then I would love it if I could just breeze into a venue, play the music and then go home. If I had the money it would be great to pay some ‘roadies’ to do all the donkey work of setting up and breaking down at the end of the night. This might take an hour before hand and another hour after. You have to add the fact that you have to load up your car in the first place before you even set off to the venue, and unload when you get home at the end of a night. It can make for a long old day!