What does a Mobile DJ actually do

It requires more work than you might think

The life as a Mobile DJ

It must be easy right? You just turn up, play a few tunes, get paid and go home……………………….

Being a Mobile DJ is not quite as easy as this honest!

There is plenty of work involved even before you get any worked booked for a mobile disco at a wedding or a party. Marketing your services is time-consuming and takes plenty of thought and effort. Getting a suitable website made is crucial, as well as updating the content and maintaining a presence on Social Media so people can find you.

Dealing with quotations is important. We have never been a ‘one price all in’ type of outfit. You get what you pay for in life! We listen to what our clients want and we tailor our resources accordingly. If we need a full rig set up then we are happy to provide this. If the venue suits a more subtle approach then we can reduce the equipment we need, and the quote can be adjusted accordingly.

If you make the wise decision to book our DJ/Disco services then the hard work begins for us.

Our pre-event consultation means we can get a great picture of the music you would really like. When we have this we can put our playlist together. If we have a 4 hour play time we would normally have 5 or 6 hours of songs to hand, with the backup of our 40,000 song library just in case we get any unexpected requests.

On the day of the event, we will need at least 1 clear hour of ‘set up’ time. Now this can be extended if getting access to the venue is difficult. This is why we will allow plenty of time beforehand to ensure the music is playing when your guests arrive.

At the end of the evening we have the same task, but in reverse. However, the venue is normally full of your departing guests meaning breaking down the equipment and leaving the venue can be more time consuming than setting up in the first place.

All in all, for a typical 4 hour play time at a party we would normally expect to be putting in 10-12 hours work for the event. Not all DJ’s would do the same. Remember you really do get what you pay for!