How we get our work

It is not like it used to be!

How mobile DJs get work in the modern world

Being a successful mobile DJ is not easy. You can be the best DJ in the world but if no one ever sees you then you are not going to get much business at all. So how do you get to the stage where you are turning business away because you are just so busy? (It happens!)

There are some essentials you will need.

1 – A good website

This is the first thing you need to have to be found. Why? It is really your window on the world.

Investing in a good website is important to most businesses, but even more so to a mobile DJ. You see if you were a Coffee Shop, or a Hairdressers, or a Resaurant then if someone wants to find out how good you are then they can simply pay you a visit and see. With a Mobile DJ you will probably be hosting private parties and events, so it is much harder for people to come and see what you are like.

This is where a good website can help.

You can provide information about what you do, people can leave testimonials, you can post pictures and video’s of what you have done. Ultimately it really gives you the presence you need to help people become interested in what you do.

The Music Factory Disco website was the first investment we ever made. It has changed quite a bit down the years but we have always tried to keep it informative and simple.

Getting a social media presence on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is really important too.

Websites can be expensive, but it will always be a sensible investment in the long run.

2 – You need to be seen

This can be tricky if all you do is private parties. The other issue with relying on just private work is that it can be so irregular. That is why we have always made sure we have a mixture of regular nights in pubs such as Disco Nights and Quiz Nights.

It has been amazing how much work we have got through being a weekly host in a pub. It could be someone in the pub is having a wedding or a party, or even when they know someone else then they can put a word in for you.

Getting regular work in a pub may not be quite as lucrative in the long run, but it gives a steady level of work for you to build your business from.

One key tip though, think hard before you commit to regular work on a Friday or Saturday night as these are prime time for you better paid weddings and parties.

3 – Referrals

As in all business, enquiries from people who have been referred to you by someone they know are worth their weight in gold. This is effectively a personal recommendation and give the enquirer the confidence when it has come from a friend, family member or work collegue.

Repeat customer also fall into this also. Making sure you stay in touch (this can be as simple as following them on Twitter or being friends on Facebook) means they will always come back to you when the nect party is due!

The secret to success for a Mobile DJ?

  • Get a website
  • Get seen
  • Make sure everyone says how good you are!