Best wedding reception we have ever DJ’d?

We have done hundreds of wedding receptions down the years and we have seen all kinds of shenanigans take place, and not all are fit for consumption on our website! But if we had to say which was the best one then which one would it be?

Well, there are a few that come to mind………….

One of our favorite venues is the Radisson Blu in Liverpool. If you are ever considering a venue then one of the upstairs rooms there is great. The room is long and perfectly set up for a wedding reception in the respect that those who want to get up and dance can do so and those who want to sit at the back and have a chat can do so away from the noise of the music.

We did DJ one particular wedding where the Bride has also booked an Irish band to play a couple of blocks of music. To be fair they were fabulous, and the mixture of live music and us to DJ really made the night go with a swing. Before we knew it the time from the 7pm start to the 2pm finish had just flown, and the room was as packed at the end as it was at the beginning of the night.

Possibly that would only come a very close second to one particular wedding reception we did at Inglewood Manor near Ledsham. It is simply a spectacular venue for any party, and no expense was spared with this reception. The Bride has taken the unusual step of booking a street busker who she had seen on the day she had bought her wedding dress. I think she thought it would bring good luck. To be fair the busker was fantastic too. He only played one short stint but he really set the mood for the evening.

When we cranked up the party tunes it was pretty clear that the bride was going to get everyone up dancing if it was going to kill her. Now we have a few weapons in our Party Music armoury and given the opportunity we are never afraid to use them. One of them is the ‘Conga’ by Black Lace. Yes, it is double cheese with extra cheese on top but when people have had a drink or two what can ever go wrong with a good old Conga…………………….

Well on this occasion it might have gone a little astray!

You see we like to set the conga line a few challenges. Get a member of the bar staff to join in, or perhaps the Hotel manager can be quite fun options. On this occasion, we gave quite a broad request to the head of the line to get someone not involved in their party. Of course, we expected them to pick up someone from the bar, or walking out of the restaurant perhaps.

They decided it would be good to go right up the stairs and get a guest out of bed!!

Next, we see someone coming down the stairs in their pajama’s! They looked slightly confused but did take it in good humour.

Of all the wedding receptions we have been hired for that was probably the most memorable!!