The Music Factory Disco - Best Wirral Mobile DJ team?

Well we like to think so, and we don't mind telling you why

Best Mobile DJ in the area?

Well, that will be The Music Factory Disco.

Thank you and goodnight!………………….

Well, of course, you wouldn’t expect us to say anything else, would you? Of course, all DJ’s have to think they are the best around. At the end of the day we are performers, and with that has to come a certain level of confidence that you are good at what you do.

That said we think that you should also have a few reasons to think that way, so that got our brains ticking over and we have come up with a few very compelling reasons we think.

1 – Experienced DJ’s

Where else can you start? You see there are loads of people who have some decks set up at home or have some digital DJ software on their laptop who think that because they love music that is all you need to qualify as a great DJ.

We think that is simply wrong. You see to be a great DJ you do need to know music, but you also have to be able to read a room, test different types of genres, judge and drive the way an evening is going. All this comes with experience. At The Music Factory Disco, we have been DJ’ing at events for nearly two decades. We cannot do anything other than accumulating a vast knowledge of songs, genres and techniques to adapt to any situation.

You simply cannot learn that playing tracks in your bedroom.

2 – Equipment for all situations

We have a range of PA amplifiers and speaker combinations to suit any room we are asked to play in. Down the years we have been asked to play many of the venues on Wirral and the surrounding areas. We know what works best at each. On the odd occasion that we are booked for somewhere we have not been before we will always try to take a look at the room before the event to gauge what we may need. Even if this is not possible we will not ‘undersell’ ourselves on the night, and we will ensure we bring a range of equipment we can use to suit any situation.

On rare occasions, we can have equipment failure like anyone else. Having spares at hand means that your evening will not even suffer the minimum of disruption.

3 – We play what you want and not what we want to listen to

This is where so many DJ’s will go wrong. They are the music experts, right? Well, they may have a good knowledge of music but they will not have a good knowledge of you and your friends.

In our view, any DJ worth his, or her salt should be working before the event to ensure the music they play on the night is exactly whet you want.

The Music Factory Disco is here to entertain you, not ourselves. After all, that is what you are paying is for, right?

4 – We are not too cheap

Some people might not like to hear this but The Music Factory Disco will not always be the cheapest quote you will get. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘You get what you pay for’?

If you are simply looking for the cheapest DJ then we might not end up hosting your party. However, you might end up with someone with a bedroom DJ set up and a box of 10 CD’s and an iPad.

Best of luck to you!

So there you go. If you are looking for the best mobile DJ team on Wirral? Look no further than The Music Factory Disco.

Looking for the cheapest, you are probably looking in the wrong place!



The Music Factory Disco Wirral