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Well, we thought it was about time we entered the world of blogging, I mean who does not do it?

The beauty of a blog is that we can bring you our latest news and views, but also provide some ideas any party you may be considering. After all, there are not many places on the Wirral peninsula, Liverpool, Chester and all surrounding areas we have not played, so who better to give you some ideas on venues?

We have seen all kinds of parties and got some great ideas along the way. If we can pass them on to you, and they help, then that is all good. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave any comments you like.

How the job of a mobile DJ has changed

The Music Factory Disco has entertained at parties around Wirral for many years, and in our opinion, the job of a good mobile DJ has changed in that time. We tell you how......... How the role of a Mobile DJ has changed down the years   It has been nearly 25 years...

Best Wirral Mobile DJ?

Why are The Music Factory Disco the best mobile DJ’s on Wirral? Find out why we think this is true