Where to book an 18th Birthday Party in Wirral

Have you got an 18th Birthday Party to organise?

Someone’s 18th Birthday is a very special day. It is arguably the first big birthday you will have, and the first one you will officially be able to drink at! If you are organising such an event you may well look to book a party venue to host it. That may be a bit more difficult than you think.

If you are looking at booking an 18th birthday at a Wirral venue then you may find that many will not even entertain the idea. This is because ’18th’s’ can cause a few issues not found at other events. These will include the issue of the bar staff being able to identify those of the guests who have not made it to the grand age at which you are legally allowed to drink. The other issue is (and we have seen this personally) that there can be a few issues with young people and the consumption of too much alcohol.

We have spoken to many venue’s down the years who will simply not consider taking any booking’s for 18th Birthdays for the experiences of previous events surrounding the reasons highlighted above.

That said there are still a number of party places that you could try.

Birkenhead Cricket Club – We have hosted a number of 18th’s at the Cricket Club at the top end of the park. It is a decent sized venue and quite central for everyone to get to.

Another place to consider is the 18th Birthday party Lauries Centre in Birkenhead. Again another good sized venue for which most numbers can be accommodated.

A third option may be the Vauxhall Sports and Social Club in Rivacre. Again we have hosted events here in the past and the function room is huge.

There will be a number of other venues who may be able to accommodate you, but if you struggle then give these three a ring.