How the job of a mobile DJ has changed

Time waits for no man, especially when LED's are around!!

The Music Factory Disco has entertained at parties around Wirral for many years, and in our opinion, the job of a good mobile DJ has changed in that time.

We tell you how………

How the role of a Mobile DJ has changed down the years


It has been nearly 25 years since I first dusted off a record and nervously introduced myself over a microphone to an audience. I can promise you I can remember how nervous I was! Now we had a bit of back up in those days, indeed I started out as a ‘sidekick’ myself so I understand exactly the reasons why they were needed.

You see there were so many aspects of being a mobile DJ back in the early 90’s that you do not have to contend with now. Most of those revolve around the equipment you would need.

The time taken to set up a typical mobile DJ rig now is around 60 minutes. This may have been half the time used 25 years ago. Why? well the equipment now tends to be lighter, and you probably need less of it.

The obvious example of this is the lights that you would use. Years ago these may be coloured bulbs that would get hot. The added heat insulation meant the weight of these lights were much more than the popular LED units of today. Also as the old lights used bulbs that did get hot, they used to have a ‘cycle’ period during which time they could be used. Anything more than this and they may just simply blow. That meant you might be stuck with switching lights off to let them cool for a spell. The only way to combat this was to carry more lights to allow substitutes to step in.

Today’s lighting rigs consist of LED scanners, moving heads and PAR cans, much the same style as the older lights, just the technology that updates. Instead of a bulb blowing after a few hours, LED’s never really get hot, have 100,000-hour duty cycles before they fail, and as an added bonus draw much less electric to run them. This means less chance of blowing a trip switch!

Another area where things have changed drastically is the way you can play music. In the 1990’s it would be the use, predominantly of record decks, and perhaps a few CD players. Now with the advent of the digital age, you now see music played via USB hard drives or iPods via digital DJ software on a laptop. This means the days of humping two or three coffin cases of records and CD’s have long since gone.

The ability for a DJ to carry a huge library of music is clearly much easier these days. You can get around 50,000 tracks on a small, hand held USB hard drive. 50,000 records in coffin cases would mean the DJ best have a use of a pretty big truck in the 1990’s.

So is the job of a mobile DJ easier in 2016 than it was in 1990? Well, certainly that can be argued. Would I like to go back to the old equipment, no thank you!The Music Factory Disco Wirral