Starting out as a mobile DJ can be hard. Thousands of bedroom DJ’s will think they can start doing what they love for a living, and no doubt make their fortune in doing so.

So if you want to become a mobile DJ what will it cost you to do so?

Mobile DJ equipment

The fundamental difference between being a fully mobile DJ and a club DJ is that you have to bring your rig of equipment. That means you will need

  • PA – speakers and amplifier
  • Music
  • Lights
  • Microphones
  • Mixing desk
  • And assorted cables and accessories to link everything together.

To put together a decent rig, you would be looking at anywhere between £1500 and £3000 NOT including any music to play. So if you were to charge £200-£300 per event, then you may be looking at ten bookings just to pay for one set up.

There is an added issue you may not have even considered. What if any of the equipment fails on the night? At The Music Factory Disco we always carry spare amplifiers, mixing desks and speakers just in case something breaks. As we use Laptops to mix our music, our standard set up of 2 is joined by a third in the bag.

So as you can see the £1500-£3000 can easily be increased up to £4000-£5000 for a full rig and backup.

Where to buy Mobile DJ Equipment?

There are many retailers you can buy DJ equipment from, but two we have always used are

Why Buy New


Phase One

There are lots of other places online too.

Then you need to get your equipment to the venue…………..and it isn’t going on the bus!

You will need the use of a People Carrier type vehicle, or a car with a towbar and trailer, to get your equipment to your venue safely.

What else will you need?

Well, you will certainly need Public Liability Insurance. In fairness, this is not as much as it used to be, and you can even join a DJ association and get it included in your membership fee. The Mobile DJ Network is a good place to start your search and at £29.99 per year that would include a PLI Certificate.

You will also need to get your equipment Portable Appliance Tested each year. Many venues will insist on seeing this before they let you plug anything in.

Promote your mobile DJ business

Finally, you will need to have a way of letting your potential customers who you are and how to contact you. Social Media is perfect for this, and a Facebook page, Google Plus page and Twitter account are a must. Also, you will probably need a website, and there may be a cost involved in that.

The key thing is that if you do a good job, then you will get referrals from your customers. These are invaluable.

The cost of starting up can be daunting, but if you work at your business, you certainly can get the reward. Being a mobile DJ is certainly a fun job.