Why karaoke can be a versatile add to any party

Release the X Factor in you

Looking for the best way to entertain your guests? Let them entertain themselves!

Whatever type of celebration you are having, the event will be over a few hours. There may be some food, some drinking and a bit of dancing and any mobile DJ should be able to make your party go with a swing no problem at all. However, one of the best additions we have ever seen to any party is to through in a bit of the old Karaoke! We will tell you why.

Now first for a history of karaoke. The word Karaoke is actually made up of two words, “kara” comes from “karappo” meaning empty, and “oke” is the abbreviation of “okesutura,” or orchestra.

We like to educate at The Music Factory Disco!

Why add Karaoke to your party?

Now we all know that karaoke has been very popular in the past, and today it can seem a little ‘cheesy’. However, deep down we think people really do like exploring their hidden talents and there are normally any number of people who like getting up to sing at a party.

Mixing a spot of Karaoke into any party can really help get everyone involved in the night. You don’t have to have it going all night, but it can be one of those things that can really take off and be a laugh for all. From Uncle Burt singing ‘Suspicious Minds’ to Laura singing ‘Titanium’ you will be amazed at some of the talent hidden amongst your friends and family.

These days, with the advent of portable hard drives and laptops it is so easy for a DJ, with all the right software, to mix a spell of karaoke into any party. Certainly, it is something The Music Factory Disco has offered for many years.