Is it good to mix a DJ and a live music act at a Party?

Let the Music Factory Disco give you some tips if you are considering it

If you are torn between getting a DJ or a live band or singer for your party then have you thought about simply getting both? It is a question we have been asked countless times down the years, and as a DJ team, we always say that some of the best events are where you have both.

We have hosted some terrific parties where we have worked alongside a live act. From a Wedding reception at Inglewood Manor to a 50th Birthday Party at Woodside Ferry Terminal, all kinds of events can benefit from a mixture of entertainment.

You see a DJ and a live music act can bring very different things to a party. A live music act will have a set of songs they know well, but this tends to be from one genre and can be limited. A good DJ can carry tens of thousands of songs from all era’s, and this can cater for all ages and tastes.

A live singer or band can really complement an evening, though, they can be a real focal point. If you are looking to get a party rocking then live music can be a really good way to go. However, you also have to think of the quieter times, such as buffets or meals, where a DJ can provide a quiet backdrop with music to dj wirral

If you are thinking of having both a DJ and a live act it is absolutely crucial you let each know that you have booked the other. Where ever possible the DJ should check with the live act beforehand to find out what playlist they have. There is nothing more ‘naff’ than the DJ playing songs before the live act intends to play them.

Of course, employing a DJ and a live music act can be expensive, but it really will ensure that your evening has that little bit of everything for everyone.