The Music Factory Disco has had the pleasure of hosting parties for the good people of the Wirral for many years. In doing so we have played many of the best venues that the area has to offer. One of our favourites is The Regency Suite in Wallasey and it was of some interest when we learned that the current owners have put the Regency Suite up for sale.

Now the Regency is not one of the biggest venues we have ever played (it will hold around 220 in it’s function room), nor is it necessarily the easiest to access for a DJ (based on the first floor with stairs to climb), however the Regency is an intimate setting where the stage is on a diagonal to the room. This means that the DJ gets a view of all of the guests all of the time. This is great when you are looking to gage the mood of the room and play music to match.

The Music Factory Disco has always enjoyed playing at the Regency, not least because the staff and owners want the guests to have a great time and will work with the DJ to make sure this will happen. It is difficult for venues in residential areas, such as the Regency, as local home owners do not want to be kept up until all hours with loud music and people leaving in the early hours of the morning.

At The Regency the owners are very clear to party organisers about the obligation to local residents and this means that there is a clear understanding of what can and cannot be done on the night. The DJ knows when last orders are at the bar, and that the music volume must be kept within check. However, there is no sound limiter in place like you would see at many other venues with similar residential concerns. The Regency Suite Wallasey

The asking price of £175,000 seems fairly reasonable to those at The Music Factory for such a well appointed and popular party venue. Sadly even at that price that is beyond the meagre means of the DJ team!

We wish the old owners of The Regency Suite all the very best in their next adventure and extend the same wishes to any new purchasers coming in.

Picture curtosey of The Regency Suite on Twitter