A blast from the past!!

When we brought 'Ibiza' to Pensby....................

Our favourite Mobile DJ event?

You know when you have performed at hundreds of events then it can be difficult to say what may have been your most enjoyable ever. We were discussing this the other day and we remembered a very grainy video existed on Youtube of one of the most fun events we have ever done.

Many moons ago we got chatting to some enterprising six formers at Pensby High School. They had an idea to hold a disco for the younger pupils at the school, and the money they raised could go to fund improvements in the sixth form complex at the school. Happy to help we discussed and agreed a 2-hour set and a reduced fee to help the school raise as much as possible.

The thing is that this event was a bit different for us. We could literally unleash our entire PA and light show. No one was going to ask us to turn the music down or to play a 60’s Beatles set. This was our chance to be Superstar DJ’s for one night only Matthew!!

We gave ourselves an hour and a half to set up. The full PA included 2 base bins, 4 mid/top speakers and two amplifiers. We were going to be load!

Then came the lighting. First thing we did was set up our hazer and set it going for at least a full hour before the event started. The huge school hall looked like something our of the Hounds of the Baskervilles with a thick fog settling in the room. We then had our full lighting rig set up; two scanners, two Marvelled LED ground scanners, a Kam 3D Star Cluster laser, a Kam UV80 blue laser and an American DJ Quad Gem. We had enough to light up Wembley stadium!

By filling the room full of haze the effect on the lighting was spectacular right from the very first moment the 300 guests started crashing through the doors.

Two hours of thumping tunes later we played our last song. Did they enjoy it? Well, it was the only time we have been asked to provide autographs for our fans!!!!!