How to set up a mobile DJ rig

Typical mobile disco set up for The Music Factory Disco

What set up do The Music Factory Disco use?

We are often asked a number of questions when someone looks to book The Music Factory Disco for an event. One of the more common ones if ‘What set up will you provide?’

Now the answer to that is not really straightforward. We would need to know the type of event, what space we would have to work with, what numbers of people we will be expecting etc. However, let’s say for example that it is a party with good numbers in a hall with a good sized raised stage.

That basically gives us carte blanche with the range of equipment we have so let’s start at the beginning.

The PA and sound system

In a big room with lots of events then we would look to provide our maximum with the PA. That would be a pair of base bins (normally located together at floor level in front of the stage. We would use a separate amplifier for the base bins to keep the sound dedicated and the base crisp.

We would then compliment these with two pairs of mid/top speakers. The reason we would use two pairs is that we can space them along the stage, and by using a separate amplifier we can keep the sound crisp without overstretching the speakers.

We would attach the amps to our mixer which would get music sources from two CD players as well as two laptops running Digital DJ software.

That is a set up that is both flexible and powerful.

Lighting and effects

Again we believe that when you set up a mobile disco rig that you need flexibility to turn up and turn down whenever you need and the mood dictates. This is why we use a range of LED lighting (scanners both fixed and moving) and have a couple of spectacular laser units when we turn the lights down and the music up!

Finally, to complement the lighting we also use a haze machine (water based not to interfere with smoke alarms) that enhance the effect of the light beams, particularly the lasers.

We might not be quite like a night with the Ministry of Sound but we hope we are not far off it!