Top tips for your wedding 'first dance'

How to introduce the new 'Mr and Mrs' in style
What makes a great ‘First Dance’ at a Wedding?

So you have been through the ceremony, done the pictures, heard the speeches, toasted the bridesmaids, cut the cake, what is there left to do at you wedding?

Well, possibly the final formal event will be when you head for the dance floor to enjoy your ‘first dance’ as the new husband and wife. Now this can be traumatic for some, especially husbands with two left feet, but it need not be something to dread. Nor should it be something you do without thought and planning.

We are happy to give you our top tips to make your first dance one to remember


The ‘first dance’ checklist

Like most things at a wedding the first dance needs a bit of thought and preparation. Let’s start with the obvious consideration

1 – Choice of songĀ – Clearly this is something just for you. It is meant to be personal and that is exactly how it should be. You should discuss this with your DJ beforehand, and give then plenty of notice so they can make sure they have the song you want.

We would also advise that you should ask to listen to the version of the song the DJ has for you. Often there are different versions of the same song, and you want to make sure the DJ has exactly the right version you wanted.wirral wedding dj

2 – When to do the ‘first dance’ – Again this should be discussed with the DJ before the event. Ideally, the first dance should signal the beginning of the evening party, not break it in mid flow. This also allows you to enjoy the evening along with your guests.

3 – Ensure your guests know – Make sure the DJ announces that your first dance is due 5 or 10 minutes before you do it. This makes sure that anyone who wants to get a photo can, and also your DJ can make sure your guests are surrounding the dance floor if you wish.

4 – When to invite your guests to join you – It is accepted that your DJ will ask your guests to join you at some point in the dance. Have a chat with the DJ to make sure this is timed right. Often you may invite the guests on at the end of the first chorus, but obviously, this is entirely up to you. Most grooms prefer the guests to join as soon as possible, so brides make sure you arrange this with the DJ!mobile dj wirral

5 – Talk to your DJ about what song you play immediately after the end of the first dance – A good DJ will make sure the first dance ends with a cheer for the new ‘Mr and Mrs’ but as you now have most of your guests around the dance floor it is a great opportunity to get the night off to a bang.

We would suggest something ‘sing-a-long’ and upbeat. Something like ‘Greatest Day’ by Take That is perfect as the lyrics are well known and tie in nicely with a wedding. It can be a great way to keep the dancefloor full and give a fun end to the formality of the first dance.

Remember your first dance will be on any video or photograph you will ever see of your big day. A bit of planning can make it really special.