What makes a good Mobile DJ?

In our humble opinion of course

So what does make a good Mobile DJ?

With over 20 years of experience, we think we may offer some insight into what makes a good DJ stand out from the crowd. Now do not get us wrong, you only get experience from making mistakes, and by watching other DJ’s do their job. There is nothing wrong with copying and adapting what you have seen elsewhere when you see it works!

So we have broken down some of the most important aspects, we think, roll together to make a good Mobile DJ.

The Music Factory Disco


If you are considering booking a DJ for a party then we think they should be asking you more questions than you are asking them. What should they be asking? Well something along the lines of

  • What age group of people will be there?
  • How many people are you expecting?
  • Are there any restrictions on sound or effects at the venue?
  • What time are you starting?

Without simple questions like these, the DJ will not know what kind of equipment they may need, what type of music would be required or even what time they would need to arrive to ensure they are playing on time.

We know many DJ’s do not, but at The Music Factory Disco we always ask if you want to provide a playlist before the event. This could be just a handful of songs you would like to hear, or even a full 4-hour playlist. This way you have every chance to get exactly what you want.

If you are speaking to a DJ about an event they should really be asking these questions and more.

Back up

Now this could come in several forms. To begin with, your DJ should be insured fully with Public Liability Insurance, and should be able to produce an insurance certificate to prove it. Many venues will insist on this, as well as the DJ having all their electrical equipment fully PAT tested to ensure safety.

The equipment the DJ uses could also fail. Do they carry spare equipment?

What happens if the DJ gets ill (it can happen to anyone), are they a ‘one man band’ or have they got someone else who can step in?


With all the preparation in the world every event can change at the drop of a hat. Great Aunty Flo wants to go home at 9pm and she would love to hear a bit of Rock and Roll before she goes, if you ask your DJ then they should be able to change tack with their playlist and adapt.


Your DJ effectively acts as a Master of Ceremonies for your event. They need to have the ability to control and maintain a flow to your evening. You don’t need a ‘stand up’ comedian, and some DJ’s do enjoy the sound of their own voice, but they do need have confidence on the microphone.


We hate to bring this up because a DJ who hides behind their equipment is not a very good DJ at all. However, there is no doubt that a good DJ will invest in the equipment they use. It is like a shop to a high street retailer or a van to a courier, they need to have the equipment they need to provide a good show.

Remember when you are looking around that the cheapest DJ is hardly likely to be able to provide the best equipment on being paid £50 for the evening. With a good DJ rig costing £1500-£2000 then a ‘£50’ DJ might leave you with egg on your face in front of your guests.


Your Mobile DJ Checklist

  • Is your DJ asking the right questions?
  • What Insurance do they have?
  • Is their equipment PAT tested?
  • What spare equipment do they use?
  • What music library do they carry?
  • Have they asked you for a playlist?
  • Have they asked you about guest numbers?
  • Ask the venue if they have used the DJ before?