Why your mobile DJ should speak to your venue management before they turn up to your party

Things to do when planning a party…………

  • book your venue
  • organise the invites
  • organise the catering
  • book your DJ

There will be some more we have forgotten to add, but you get the idea that there is a bit to do!

Wirral mobile DJ

With you doing all of this you may not consider that some of the elements may actually need to work together to ensure your night goes with a bang. In particular, we would always recommend that you introduce the venue management to your DJ. Here is why.

The venue management may insist on the DJ providing certain documents before they set up on the night. These can include the DJs Public Liability Insurance and the PAT Certificate to cover the safety of the DJs equipment. You do not want the nightmare situation of your DJ turning up on the night and not bringing the documents with them. It would not be unreasonable of the venue to refuse the DJ access on safety grounds. Letting them sort this out beforehand is clearly advisable.

Other reasons for asking the DJ to speak to the venue before can include

  • sound limiters can be present where venues are in residential areas. This can mean the DJ only has a limited number of electric sockets available, and these must be used to comply with local planning. If the DJ knows beforehand they can ensure they use the correct sockets, but also tailor the audio set up they bring to eliminate exceeding the licensing requirements.
  • there could be restrictions on loading and unloading in the area, and this means that the DJ may have to extend their normal set up times. If they are not aware of this before the event then this may mean they miss your start time. A party with no music?!

So as you can see it may not be as simple as booking the DJ and booking the venue for them to meet each other on the night of your party. Please make sure they are aware of each other, and indeed contact each other in good time to ensure your night goes off without a hitch.